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Globe Valve
UK139-Y Pattern Globe Valve
VATAC Branded VANGO VALVES Y Pattern Globe Valves are with Features as below:
-Available as a disc or piston variant
-Designed to operate in temperatures up to 500 degrees C
-Suitable for pressure rating of 1500lbs or high vacuum
-Deadspace free variants
-Extremely low leakage to atmosphere options (with stuffing box or bellow seal to atmosphere)
-High Vacuum version features a completely enclosed yoke
-Cleaning in service through flushing port(s)
-Disk grinding option available
-Can be partially or fully jacketed
-Can be combined to and from Multiport valves
-High level of Customisation is available

-Actuation - can be supplied with a hammerblow handwheel, manual gear set, electric motor operator, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder operator
Stem - stainless steel stem is precision ground for minimal packing friction during operation
Stem Guide - acts as anti-rotating device for the stem
Backseat - integral hardfaced bonnet backseat
Body - streamlined flow path demonstrating high Cv factors which minimize pressure drop across a given system.
Yoke - designed to withstand seismic activities, the fully fabricated yoke features hassle - free assembly / disassembly of topworks and simple actuator mounting
Gland - two piece self-aligning gland and gland flange eliminates cocking if packing adjustment is required
Pressure Seal Design - consists of a gasket, thrust ring and uncomplicated segmented retaining rings to ensure maximum bonnet seal
Guiding System - includes a two-piece disc assembly and hardfaced body guides. The disc assembly maintains contact with the guides through the full valve stroke.
Seating Surface - the disc and body seating surfaces are hardfaced for extended service.

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