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Check Valve
UK154-Swing Wafer Check Valve
Features & Specifications
VATAC VANGO VALVE Wafer Check Valves Available in Swing Type Wafer Check Valve & Lift Type Wafer Check Valve, Dual Plate and Single Plate Type. Fully Lugged or Flanged Connection
Standards available in API, DIN, BS, EN, SH & ISO etc.
Materials available in Standard Forged or Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel and Monel etc.
VATAC VANGO VALVE Wafer Check Valve is with Main Features as below:
Pressure Ratings: Class #150~Class #2500 (PN10~PN420)
Nominal Pressure: NPS1/2~NPS64 (DN15~DN1600)
Wafer Check Valves are opened by the fluid flow and closed as far as fluid flow stops or reverses direction.
Swing Wafer Check Valves is provided with limit stops to prevent disc from remaining in open position or damping device for prevent slamming, Where required, A hand operator can be provided enabling the valve to be locked in open or close position with indication of position
Standards Compliance:
Design & Manufacture: API 6D, API 594, JB/T 8937-1999
Face-to-Face Dimension: API 6D, API 594, JB/T 8937-1999, DIN 3202
Inspect & Test: API 6D, API 598, JB/T 9092-1999
Pre-temp. Rating: JB/T 74, SH 3406, DIN 2401, HG 20604, HG 20625, GB/T 9124, ASME B 16.34
Flanged Dimensions: JB/T 74~90,GB/T 13402,GB/T 9112~9124,HG 20592~20635,SH 3406,API 605,AWWA C207,ASME B 16.5,ASME B 16.47,DIN 2543~2548

Structure Features

1. VATAC VANGO VALVE Wafer Check Valve is in Small Face to face dimension which is only of 1/4~1/8 of Standard Swing Flanged Check Valves.
2. With Small Volume and Weight
3. Disc can be quickly closed which ensuring a very small water hammer pressure
4. Perfect Flow Passage gives a very small flow resistance
5. Wafer check valves can be easily installed onto Pipelines both in Vertical and Parallel style
6. With Flexible actions and perfect sealing
7. Valve Disc of wafer check valve is with a short travelling journey which ensuring a very small impact caused by valve close
8. VATAC VANGO VALVE Wafer Check Valve is Integral Designed, provided with a compact structure and beautiful appearance.
9. Reliable provided with Long time service life
10. VATAC VANGO VALVE Wafer check valve is provide with a device preventing Flow Direction Reverse or Stop which can be controlled automatically

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