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UK372-Hydraulic Power Station Spherical Valve
Hydraulic Power Station Spherical Valve (Also Named as Hydraulic Power Station Ball Valve) is one of advanced control equipment which installed at the inlet of the turbine in the world, and it's widely used as a out valve in irrigation works, power stations and various pump stations, replacing non-return valve and gate valve.  While working, the valve cooperates with host computer of the pipeline, according to the transition course principle of water conservancy, through the procedure of opening and closing that is preserved, dispel the pipeline water hammer effectively, realize the ending reliably of the pipeline, and play a role in protecting systematic security of pipeline.

Hydraulic Power Station Spherical Valve (Also Named as Hydraulic Power Station Ball Valve) that our rechon vango valve produces features with small flow resistence, high level of automation, multifarious functions, steady and reliable performance.   The valve is a new generation's intelligent energy-efficient product, which designed by our company's designers through collecting, studying, summarizing the domestic and international similar properties of product extensively, and introducing the multiple research results of the valve, hydraulic pressure, and electric trade.  Our company's technical force is rich, and the special requirement that can follow users is designed alone, meet the masses of user's requirements for this kind of product diversely.
Hydraulic Power Station Spherical Valve (Also Named as Hydraulic Power Station Ball Valve) mainly has the following characteristic:
It can replace the function of the electronic floodgate valve and the non-return valve, which are at the exit of the pump.  The machine, electricity, liquid system integrates for one whole, as well as it can reduce floor space and capital expenditure.

The electro-hydraulic control system has multifarious functions, and it can debug, control locally as an independent systematic unit without other additions. It also can be carried on centralized management by the central computer through I/O passway as an apparatus unit of the collecting and distributing control system (DCS), realize linking and operating with water pump, hydraulic turbine, by-pass valve and other pipelines apparatus.  It is furnished with manual function, and can turn on, turn off the valve manually without power, meet valve debugging, control request under the special operating mode.
The controllability is good, the regulation range and adaptability is great. The electro-hydraulic control system has several regulation points. It can open and close the valve according to different pipeline control requests, so as to guarantee the valve shut-off and open automatically according to time, angle that set for in advance. In addition it can be closed without electricity, effectively dispel the destructive water hammer; prevent water pump and hydraulic turbine from splashing, the pressure fluctuation of the pipe network system, guarantee equipment's safe and reliable operation.

The sealing pair of the main valve can be eccentric Type, It is easy to open and close, and the sealing is reliable. It also has an extra enlarge eccentric which makes the valve has a good function of closing and sealing automatically. The ball of the middling and small calibre Hydraulic Ball valve are designed with streamlined dull and stereotyped structure, heavy-calibre disc is designed with a pair of dull and stereotyped truss type structure, it is small to squeeze, the stream is smooth-going, The energy-conserving result is obvious.

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